Limited Edition
World War II and/or Aviation 
Tailor-Made Experience!

Final 2024 Summer Availability!

August  5th - August 12th 2024

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Calling all World War II and/or Aviation Enthusiasts!

This Limited Edition Week is a completely tailored experience for groups of 4-6 and includes platinum tickets to the prestigious and inaugural
'Golden Age of Aviation Air Show'  
as well as any other excursions and activities you choose.(Not limited to WWII focused excurisons)

"Aero Legends, a leading name in vintage aviation, proudly announces the launch of the 'Golden Age of Aviation Air Show' at Guy Ritchie’s Compton Abbas Airfield. This extraordinary event is set to take place on 10th & 11th August 2024, promising a weekend filled with thrilling aerial displays, vintage aircraft, and a celebration of aviation history."
Well Cottage is just two miles away from Compton Abbas Airfield!

If you would like to compliment the 'Golden Age' Air Show with further World War II themed excursions you can choose from an extensive plethora of activities including but not limited to:
The Tank Museum - Bere Regis
The D-Day Story - Portsmouth 
The D-Day Centre and WWII Museum - Portland
Tyneham Deserted Village - Tyneham 
Military Museum - Dorchester
Fleet Air Arm Museum - Yeovilton

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Everything! You won't need to bring a dime with you! But let's take look.....

  • All food and beverages and your own private chef, Laura
  • All excursions, tickets, activities and itinerary planning
  • Your private driver, Nathan with luxury car including transfers
  • In house spa treatments
  • Dining out experience
  • Accommodation and extensive amenities
  • Special events and special requests
     Platinum tickets to a prestigious Air Show at the Compton Abbas Airfield on August 10 or 11th

Soar into Summer with the perfect family or friends group vacation with Exclusive Air Show Platinum Tickets!

This summer, English Cottage Vacation invites you to immerse yourself in the tranquil beauty of the English countryside. Book a luxury, 7 Night, all-inclusive stay August 5th and August 12th, 2024,  and each guest will also enjoy complimentary PLATINUM full day tickets to the breathtaking 'Golden Age of Aviation' Air Show at Compton Abbas Airfield on either August 10th or 11th!

Why Choose This Experience?


  • Exclusive Flagship Package! Designed for groups of 2-6, perfect for families or friends.

  • Platinum Air Show Tickets Included! Each guest receives a Platinum ticket, worth £195, offering luxury experiences and unmatched views of the air show.

  • Flexibility for Non-Aviation Enthusiasts! This week is also available for those who might not be interested in aviation; the 'extra free day and night' offer still stands and we have lots of amazing excursions for you to choose from!

  • Peace of Mind; We tale care of everything! Including you and your family and friends, ensuring the most stress free, idyllic and memorable vacation you will ever experience!
  • We are REAL people who care deeply about your happiness!

Platinum Enclosure Benefits

Luxurious Viewing: Enjoy the airshow from film director Guy Ritchie’s exquisitely refurbished restaurant, offering both indoor comfort and a glorious outdoor viewing area!


All-Inclusive Catering: Delight in a day of opulence with breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, soft drinks, and hot beverages included!


Exclusive Access: Mingle with display pilots and enjoy captivating entertainment within the Platinum Enclosure!

The Golden Age of Aviation Air Show

  • Stunning Aerial Displays: Witness vintage aircraft perform awe-inspiring manoeuvres against the picturesque backdrop of Compton Abbas.

  • Family Fun: With activities and attractions for all ages, it's the perfect day out for families, aviation enthusiasts, and anyone looking to enjoy a spectacular summer event.

  • Location Perfection: Situated atop a hill, Compton Abbas airfield in the extraordinary Cranborne Chase area of natural beauty offers unparalleled views and a unique atmosphere for an unforgettable expereince on 2 miles from Well Cottage!

Your Stay at English Cottage Vacation

At our luxurious, enchanting 18th-century thatched cottage, every detail is taken care of for you!


From gourmet meals prepared by our resident chef Laura to daily adventures across Dorset and beyond with Nathan, our dedicated chauffeur and guide, you'll be pampered with our all-inclusive, luxury, tailor-made VIP service - from the moment we pick you up from the airport until we drop you off again!

An Array of Exciting Excursions:

Beyond the Air Show or WWII excursions, English Cottage Vacation offers an extensive selection of things to do tailored to guest preferences. Discover the ancient mysteries of Stonehenge, stroll through the stunning landscape gardens of Stourhead, or explore the charming villages of the Cotswolds. Adventure to the Jurassic Coast for breathtaking natural beauty, or delve into history with visits to majestic castles and famous countryside estates. Each excursion is carefully planned to ensure a seamless blend of exploration and relaxation.

Book Now for an Unforgettable Summer!

Don't miss this incredible opportunity to enhance your English Cottage Vacation with an extra day and night free, plus exclusive access to the Golden Age of Aviation Air Show just 5 minutes from Well Cottage! This our last Summer opportunity this Year, so gather your favourite people and secure your booking today and start planning your dream summer adventure!


Important Booking Information


  • Minimum Stay Requirement: 7 Nights.

  • Minimum group size: 4 people.
  • Book Soon for Guaranteed Tickets: Due to the high demand and fast-selling nature of the event, we will secure your Platinum tickets as soon as you book. This ensures your spot at this spectacular event is guaranteed. Hurry!

Limited Edition Experience

Prices are TOTAL for your entire 7 night stay

Flagship Tailor - Made Experience

4 People - $ 29,280 USD / $ 38,060 CAD

6 People - $ 36,000 USD / $ 46,800 CAD


* Further concessions are available per child. Please enquire. 



Exclusive, Whole Cottage Bookings
Groups of 4-6 guests

Our pioneering package, and consistently our guests' favourite! Designed around your every wish, this tailor-made, all-inclusive VIP experience prioritises your utmost satisfaction.


With unmatched personal care at its core, without fail all past guests echo its excellence in their glowing reviews!

Through our comprehensive DISCOVERY PROCESS, we curate an itinerary tailored to every guest's preferences and desires. From dietary needs to special requests, we've got you covered. Our mission?

An authentic English experience where your sole focus is to revel in unparalleled leisure and enjoyment!

The Ultimate Luxury Escape

The Only All-Inclusive Experience Of Its Kind
Exclusive ~ Private ~ Tailor-made

Step into the enchanting realm of Dorset with English Cottage Vacation, where modern opulence meets timeless tradition. Nestled amidst serene landscapes, our exquisite 18th-century thatched cottage will take your breath away! Every detail is meticulously crafted for you.


From unparalleled luxury to thoughtful extras, we're dedicated to curating an experience that's as unique as you are.  Dive into an English idyll and create memories that will last a lifetime!

English Cottage Vacation offers an all-inclusive service like no other.


Tailor-made to your desires, this VIP experience redefines luxury with its meticulous attention to detail. Revel in the royal treatment, from personalised gourmet meals to chauffered excursions, all orchestrated seamlessly by your dedicated hosts, Laura & Nathan. 


They will ensure that your every whim is met, leaving you free to indulge, relax and discover!

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